Annual Report 2019


Metalloinvest seeks to maximise its contribution to the sustainable development of the regions based on the needs of local residents.

We strive to improve the life of local communities, modernise and develop healthcare, education, culture and sports, and create a comfortable living environment.

The success of the Company depends mainly on people, therefore, it is important to engage, promote and maintain interest in sustainable development. As the Company, we invest our time, energy and resources into these processes.

Construction, reconstruction, repair and providing equipment for urban social infrastructure facilities, construction and reconstruction of roads, improvement of residential areas.

The key projects implemented in the reporting period:

  • Improvement of a recreation area on the embankment in Stary Oskol;
  • Organisation of public spaces and the development of a comfortable urban environment in Stary Oskol including Zelenaya street in the Zhukov microdistrict, the square in front of the Molodezhniy recreation center and the cycling track;
  • Implementation of programmes in the sphere of culture, sports and the development of non-profit organizations in conjunction with Art, Science and Sports charity fund;
  • Reconstruction of Chudo Yudo Grad fountain;
  • Support and construction of temples in Gubkin, Zheleznogorsk, Novotroitsk, the construction of a chapel in Stary Oskol, and a bell tower in Khabarnoye, Novotroitsk;
  • Improvement of city parks in Gubkin and Zheleznogorsk.
Support for educational institutions to develop the potential of the talented youth and the training of qualified personnel. Targeted support for gifted children and students.

The key projects implemented in the reporting period:

  • Participation in the project to build the industrial park Quantorium in Zheleznogorsk;
  • Reconstruction and repair of schools and kindergartens (Stary Oskol, Gubkin, Zheleznogorsk, Novotroitsk);
  • Technological Institute of “MISiS” National University of Science & Technology and secondary educational institutions.
  • Organisation of a summer linguistic camp with STEM elements in Stary Oskol.
Repair, reconstruction, support, development and providing equipment for sports facilities.
Reconstruction, repair and provision of high-tech equipment for medical institutions, assistance in attracting qualified medical personnel.

Targeted assistance to seriously ill children, assistance to the development of healthcare institutions.

The key projects implemented in the reporting period:

  • Healthcare concept development in Zheleznogorsk;
  • Modernisation of the ambulance in Novotroitsk.
Implementation of support programmes for socially vulnerable people in the regions of presence, initiatives and projects to protect motherhood and childhood.

The key projects implemented in the reporting period:

  • Support of the special (correctional) boarding school in Novotroitsk;
  • Support for the regional charity marathon “World of Childhood” (Kursk region);
  • Targeted assistance for the treatment of people in distress.