Annual Report 2019

Andrey Varichev – memorial page

Andrey Varichev headed Metalloinvest since 2013. Since 1992, he held senior positions at a number of Russian iron and steel companies. He was the head of Mikhailovsky GOK from 2005 to 2006. In 2006-2009, he held the positions of CCO, First Deputy CEO of Management Company Metalloinvest, CEO of Holding Company Metalloinvest.

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Andrey Varichev Andrey Varichev Andrey Varichev Andrey Varichev

«We lost a brilliant leader, a strong-willed professional, and, what is more, a person close to me. Unfortunately, Andrey left at a young age in the prime of his career. He stood at the origins of Metalloinvest and headed the company with the passion natural to him for many years. Everything he created will serve the people and Russia. He will stay forever in our memory and our hearts.»

Alisher Usmanov,
USM founder

«It is difficult to describe how heavy our loss is. We lost a close friend and a reliable comrade, an expert in his field and a wise mentor for his colleagues. Andrey was an outstanding and strong man, and a real fighter. We will miss him greatly.»

Ivan Streshinsky,
Chairman of the Board of Directors of Management Company Metalloinvest

«The Company lost a true leader and professional. This is a huge and irreplaceable loss for Metalloinvest’s team of many thousands.

We confirm our commitment to the strategy, key priorities and values developed under the leadership of Andrey Varichev. The Company continues to follow the selected course. Our task is to ensure the development and strengthen the market position of Metalloinvest.»

Nazim Efendiev,
CEO of Management Company Metalloinvest

«We have lost a friend, a colleague, a mentor, a man of great soul and a wise, intelligent and strong leader.

The death of Andrey Varichev is a personal tragedy for each employee of the team of many thousands of people.

He was a true leader who led by example giving us sustained energy. He was always able to find the right solution to any problem, inspire and unite people.

Andrey was a bright and competent leader, his opinion was respected and appreciated by the country’s leaders, business partners and representatives of the global business community. Andrey Varichev always remained true to himself being a sincere and real person at all official events and informal meetings. He behaved the same way with us — employees of Metalloinvest.

He left us too soon, in the prime of his career and full of energy. His good deeds will live on and will serve people for a long time.

Andrey Varichev will always live in our hearts.»

Metalloinvest team